Dave's Presentations


This page contains a collection of some presentations I've given to my team at work.

They're generally introductions to certain new(ish) technologies oriented towards the Loris and CBrain teams at MCIN, but may still be informative if you're unfamiliar with them. (I've done many more than this, but only the ones I think might be interesting to a wider audience are here..)

Presentation Topic Date
ReactJS An introduction to ReactJS, and how to transition from hardcoded bootstrap CSS to more semantic React components. 2015-07-30
HTML5 APIs A brief overview of some of the most important HTML5 APIs 2015-09-25
Distributed Bug Tracking: (video, slides) A talk about a distributed bug tracking tool I gave at the first Go Montreal meetup 2016-02-22
ConFoo Summary 2016 A summary of the talks I saw at ConFoo (Montreal) 2016 which I gave to my coworkers 2016-03-04
Tests in Go: (video, slides) A talk about the standard Go testing framework I gave at the third Go Montreal meetup 2016-08-30