I enjoy riding anything on 2 wheels. I used to ride a fixie before moving on to an internal gear hub, because I prefer to do my own maintenance and I hate the finickeyness of gears. Everything I learned about bike maintenance, I learned from Sheldon Brown who, despite being dead since 2008, remains the best source of bike information on the internet.

My current bicycle is a Surly Crosscheck that I built after moving to Montreal. It has a Shimano Alfine 8 IGH, and a Brooks leather saddle. I’d still prefer to ride a fixie for the simplicity of it, but I’ve accepted the fact that Montreal isn’t that flat and sometimes it’s nice to have gears, despite the weight that they add.

I wanted to add a photo of my bikes here, but when I went to find one realized that I don’t have any.

TODO: Rectify this situation.